Often times I would come to our sessions feeling overwhelmed but by the conclusion of our discussions, my vision was renewed and I felt confident that I could tackle anything. Dr. Tierini is logical, honest and clear with unique insight and a profound understanding of people and personalities. I enjoy my sessions with Dr. Tierini because I grow from each and every one.

~ K. Murphy 

Dr. Tierini uncovered the challenges in my life that were preventing me from moving forward. I was provided with tools and exercises which freed me from my challenging thoughts and enable me to live a life free from the ties that bound me.

~K. Chisolm

I feel different. I am feeling more empowered. Now it's all about my response, not so much what's happening {around me}. These activities are so helpful because it helps me to put what we talked about into action and not step back into my comfort zone.

~M. McGregor

I feel enlightened!  This is so helpful, more than you know. I look at myself differently. I now understand that I can now create myself and who I want to be. I feel unstoppable!!

~ G. Toler

Dr. Tierini helped me find my true calling in life. Her techniques and teachings comes from a genuine center. She's has life skills and book knowledge to get you to the next level in your life. It was an honor and privilege to work with such an amazing being. Her craft is undoubtedly coaching, you won't be disappointed!

~T. Barnes

If you’re looking for a life coach Dr. Tierini's the right person to go to. Our session truly revamped my mindset into a new thinking process which changed a lot of habits of mine overall to push me into my purpose. 

~J. Seiferth

 You get me!  I feel like every session I leave with something to take with me until we meet again.

~S. Wyatt