Level Up!

Living On The Levels

God Intended

Book By: Dr. Tierini Hodges-Murad

​Your book is amazing!  I haven’t been able to put it down. You truly blessed my entire soul. Thank you!



Level Up! is not only the most nostalgic book i have ever read, but it is sincerely thought-provoking. Dr. Tierini has managed to take "personal reflection" to another level (pun intended). Not only did this book challenge me, it made me laugh, cry, reflect, and put the things of God in the right perspective. This is a read for anyone that wants to level up! 


I am grateful for this book. Level Up! It is really a great book.  I read it before starting my life coaching sessions with Dr. Tierini 


I must say that this book is helping me! One thing I love about it is that you can read the levels in order according to what works for you. Level 4 is definitely helping me. I’ve realized I’ve been “feeding my fear and starving my faith.” There are even pages at the end of each level where you can take notes as you’re reading or once you’re done. If you haven’t gotten a copy of this book you’re missing out.


I read the book Level UP! by Dr. Tierini and was truly inspired by it. I like the fresh approach she used in incorporating her own experiences and biblical references to help us level up to where God wants us to be. It helped me reevaluate my life. 


There's always a reason things happen in our life, and this book lays out the purpose and reason for those battles and what it takes to Level Up! on those challenges. A phenomenal read! I recommend following her and reading this book....extremely inspirational.


  • Strategies That Help You Reach your Next Level of success 

    Dr. Tierini provides proven tips and strategies that help you to reach your next level of success. 

  • Practical Application of Biblical Principals 

    Dr. Tierini applies the Bible and the stories of the Bible to your Level Up journey in a way that is real and easily applicable to your everyday life.  

  • Selah Moments-Journal 

    Following each chapter are Selah Moments; a section dedicated for you to journal your reactions to the thought-provoking questions asked throughout each chapter. 

Dr. Tierini is a certified life coach, bible study group leader, postsecondary education expert consultant, leadership development professional, public speaker, and author. She is passionate about helping others succeed, living a life of integrity, and her love of chips and salsa! Tierini holds a Doctorate of Education degree in higher education leadership.  Though having achieved many life accomplishments, obediently persevering to complete this God-given body of work is by far the achievement she is most proud of. Dr. Tierini resides in North Carolina with her husband Kevin and ‘fur baby’ Tyson



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